Division 1 Teams

The first competitive series from the Wayports Racing League.

These teams compete every week, with testing on Thursdays at 10PM CET, and races on Saturdays at 4PM CET.

The races are live-streamed on YouTube with commentary and interviews, and broadcast to an audience of more than 80 million viewers by UCL TV.

Kyoto Ring National Reversed - Testing Results

Interlink France came and conquered. Mariano and Valentina paired up on Season 1 and managed to put on a fight to the last race of the season. They won the championship by 6 points, ahead of the Strings team, with Mariano taking the drivers title.

Strings slowly developed race pace, with experienced driver Andy scoring points early on, and newcomer Santiago increasing his pace significantly enough for the team to finish 2nd in the teams standings. Santiago then won the Most Improved Driver award at the end of the season ceremony.

Ian made his debut on Round 3 of Season 1 and had a show-stopping performance to reach 3rd place. Felipe joins Bundles for Season 2, after completing Season 1 for Interlink Brazil, in a stellar performance that garnered him the 4th place in the drivers standings.

William was new to simracing and had to learn from scratch. At the end of Season 1, he won the Most Dangerous Driver award, something he is keen on avoiding in this new season. Interlink Brasil just added their second driver, Fabricio.

Eduardo finished in 5th place in the drivers standings, and despite being the only driver for his team, landed also 5th for Interlink Argentina. Camila joined him ahead of the start of Season 2, in creating the first-ever father & daughter pairing in a WRL team.