Division 1 Teams

The first competitive series from the Wayports Racing League.

These teams compete every week, with testing on Thursdays at 10PM CET, and races on Saturdays at 4PM CET.

The races are live-streamed on YouTube with commentary and interviews.

Kyoto Ring National Reversed - Testing Results

Mariano and Valentina took the constructors' title in Season 1 but came slightly short on Season 2. Mariano won the drivers championship in the first season but couldn't topple Andy in the second one. They were known as Interlink France but re-branded for Season 3 as The MacLane Library, the news source for Wayports.

Andy and Santiago became teammates in Season 1 under the Strings team name, and went on to finish in second place. In Season 2, however, Strings won both the teams' and drivers' championship titles. They now take the name of Vertex, the classrooms in Wayports.

Ian made his debut on Round 3 of Season 1 and had a show-stopping performance to reach 3rd place. Lilium is the cryptocurrency of Wayports and Ian is the lead developer for that, so it made perfect sense that he would race for this team. Actively looking for a teammate!

Arthur joined the WRL in Season 2 and raced for Interlink Brazil. He is a 3D object designer and has contributed several assets and designs for Atrium, the Expo Center in Wayports, so he will race for the Atrium team in Season 3.
Actively looking for a teammate!

After a fifth place in Season 1, while racing under the name of Interlink Argentina, Eduardo paired up with Wellington and together they finished in 4th place in the teams' championship. Now they have rebranded as the Quantum team, and will race together again in Season 3.

Unum is the new NFT Marketplace of Wayports, and a brand new team in the WRL, actively looking for drivers. If you'd like to race for Unum, do approach us on our discord!