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Meet us in Wayports

A wide reach to a global audience.

  • 3 Seasons per year

    A growing community of racers and teams
  • 2 Drivers per team

    Developing race pace, setups and strategies
  • Live Broadcast

    Streamed on YouTube with live commentators

The best way to test for powerful soft skills, and help develop them.

Get the WRL Constructors Trophy with your team

Up to 16 teams on track, only 1 champion. The team that earns this title will be given a digitally engraved trophy as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

...Or the drivers title.

Up to 32 drivers on track, only 1 champion. The driver that earns this title will be given a digitally engraved trophy as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

And many awards!

At the end of the season we hold an awards ceremony in Wayports. Win awards like Fastest Pit Stop, Most Improved Driver, or Best Overtake.

Off to the races

Races of about 45 minutes, using different circuits.
Of drivers who participate get to score points.
Countries represented by our growing community.
Growth in signups from Season 1 to Season 2.
Ian Guimarães

Ian Guimarães

Developer, Interlink | Driver, Bundles

Ian had a stellar debut securing a 3rd place at Blackwood Rallycross. The WRL has been a great onboarding experience for him as he started racing one week before he actually joined Interlink as a Full-Stack Developer. Ian is famous in the WRL circles for brewing coffee right before the races and then not having enough time to drink it. Favorite Track: Blackwood GP Rallycross

Valentina Zanor

Valentina Zanor

Chief Operations Officer at Interlink | Driver for Interlink France

Valentina was completely new to simracing and on her first season contributed greatly for Interlink France to take the Constructors' title for Interlink France by a mere 6 points, at the 10th and final race of the championship. The trophies were given as NFTs in an awards ceremony in Wayports.

“Think of it like a training program aimed at teaching people how to acquire and transfer knowledge to help others succeed.”

Valentina Zanor

Chief Operations Officer, Interlink
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All drivers must learn these racing aspects
  • 📚
    Understand racing line theory

    The fastest way through each type of corner.

  • Master different circuits.

    Learn the braking points and form a mental map of the track and its different layouts.

  • Find optimal lap times & tire wear

    Tune different setups to develop race pace.

  • Develop a strategy based on all other factors

    Also decide on how much fuel to start with vs. how much to refuel in pit stop.

  • 🧘🏾
    Get to the finish line!

    Races can be very unpredictable, one must react to changing developments and adapt fast in order to get a good result.

Healthy teamwork development

Help people get acquainted with each other in shorter times than job-related tasks can offer.

Test for soft skills necessary for job performance

See how fast people can incorporate new information, learn it and share it effectively to help their peers.

The new watercooler is a driving wheel

Get people excited on a common goal, have groups enjoy casual talk on something other than work.

Season 2 Champion

Andy from Strings

Season 1 Champion

Mariano from Interlink France

Get started today

Division 2 is open to anyone! More casual than Division 1: There are no teams, no points, just fun!

Bond with other drivers that are new to LiveForSpeed
Get setups and develop race pace on Blackwood
See how far you are from the other series